What I can do for you

I can free your body from tension and dysfunction, uncovering its full potential.

You can return to doing activities that you love but now have trouble doing. Or you can increase your performance to be the best at what you love to do.

Or you can get out of nagging pain and discomfort. Most pain comes from dysfunction, so the better the body works, the better the body feels.

I can help your body work freely and easily, the way that it was meant to.


Tension acts like a parking brake on your body. You have to use a lot more energy, you body doesn’t work as well, and it can lead to damage in the long-term.

Tension in your body also greatly restricts your range of movement and leads to dysfunction, which is the source of most pain that we experience in our bodies.

The body initially tightens up to protect itself from excess strain or further damage to injured areas. Once everything has healed though, the body needs to return to its original state.

My Work

I have combined the principles of Rolfing with Hanna Somatics to form a new system of movement education. I developed it by working to fix problems in my own body.

By developing something that I can use on my own body, I have gotten immediate and direct feedback as to what is most effective in changing the body. This has enabled me to develop a system of removing tension that is superior by experimenting on what is most effective in my own body.

I teach simple exercises that show you how to engage muscles that have not been used properly in a long time. I have found that releasing muscle tension is as simple as that. That does not mean it is easy, though, as the movements are often subtle and can take a while to master.

How can you take care of yourself?

If you learn to listen to your body and work with it, the body will learn to release tension from the inside, which is the only way to get positive long-term changes. Just as the body has mechanisms to add and remove muscle and bone based on the input and stimulus given to it, so the body has internal mechanisms for adding and removing tension.

I will guide you in our sessions together to begin to learn how to feel and control deep into your body. I will teach you how to separate the many different sensations in the body to minimize effort in movement, and release unnecessary tension. And I will teach you how you can begin to work on your own.

Most therapies try to get your body to relax and loosen by indirect means (e.g. massage, stretching, yoga). My movement system uses the direct means of getting your body to change itself from the inside.

I can also teach you the right way to use your body in any movement or activity from the most mundane (e.g. sitting, standing up) to the most intense (e.g. running, sports).

What I teach is a skill you can develop. And like any skill: the more time that you put in, the more benefit you get out.

It is up to you how much you want to improve your body. Maybe you just want to do enough to free yourself from a few issues that bother you. Or maybe you want your body to work at its very best. It’s completely up to you.

What’s my story?

I completed my training at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration® in Boulder, CO, to become a Certified Rolfer™. I also trained in Hanna Somatics at the Novato Institute, founded by Thomas Hanna. Before these trainings I received an Honors bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech and a master’s degree from seminary.

Adam Tanner - Certified Rolfer

I initially discovered Rolfing after a long search to relieve my own physical problems. My problems had prevented me from playing sports and just being physically active in general in college and for years afterwards.

Rolfing was the first therapy I found that made any real difference. I had tried physical therapy, therapeutic massage, stretching, strength training, and others, but none of them really helped me significantly.

After many years of searching I found out the underlying source of all my problems. It was “just” general tightness and restrictions throughout my whole body, especially in my lower legs and feet where it had led to chronic pain. (One Rolfer said it was like my whole body was shrink-wrapped.)

Not long after I discovered Rolfing I found Hanna Somatics, which also helped me very much. I then felt like that Rolfing manual therapy, Rolfing movement, and Hanna Somatics were three parts of a larger whole.

Over time, Rolfing and Somatics were able to release that tightness in my body more and more. I felt like I had been freed from a straight jacket (and pants) wrapped around my whole body. After Rolfing and Somatics enabled me to return to being physically active and playing sports, I decided that I wanted to help others and hopefully even advance the field.

After my trainings, I started to experiment with what I had learned and eventually figured out ways to work on myself that were just as effective as the techniques of working on others. Over time I discovered how to get results that were much better and faster than traditional Rolfing techniques or Hanna Somatics.

And the more and deeper I developed my body awareness and control, the more effective the results were. After spending many months refining my techniques, I then taught others what I was able to do myself.

My improvements to Rolfing make my work far easier and more effective without the discomfort associated with Rolfing (or other intense manual therapies).

If you give me a chance, I will show you what is possible for you and your body. I will help you to realize your body’s potential: free of tension and dysfunction.

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