1. Benefits of My Work
  2. How is My Work Different From…?
  3. What is a Session Like?
  4. How Many Sessions are Needed?
  5. What to Wear
  6. Pricing
  7. Payment Options
  8. Insurance
  9. Cancellation Policy
  10. Office Location

Benefits of My Work

My work makes a permanent improvement in your body as an integrated whole by freeing it from excess tenion. Freeing your body from tension naturally leads to:


  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Pain

  • Ease of movement
  • Flexibility
  • Athletic ability

Improvement in your mental/emotional state is often a result as well since they are generally tied into your physical state (and vice versa).

(If this concept seems foreign to you, imitate the posture of being very depressed, confident, or happy and notice the changes in your body. The stronger the emotion, the greater the change.)

Essentially everything about the body improves when it moves easily and freely.

How is My Work Different From…?

The three main things that set my work apart from other therapies:
1. I focus on getting your body to work better and more efficiently together as a whole.
2. Your activate your muscles to create change from the inside out.
3. Precision and body awareness are a huge focus. The pace of your improvement depends on them.

The focus is not on fixing symptoms directly, but on correcting the underlying problems that are limiting your body. This leads to symptoms being naturally resolved.

I work on developing your body awareness both to make the work more effective and so that you can learn to care for your own body.

Successive sessions will continue to take your body to greater and greater heights. It is not a repeat of the same temporary fix over and over again.

What is a Session Like?

A session lasts about 60 minutes. It begins and ends with a visual and hands-on assessment of your body both still and moving (e.g. standing, walking, sitting). You will be lying on the table for the bulk of the time for both types of sessions.

During a session you will be guided through certain movements that free up muscle tension and teach you how to take care of yourself. You will learn to develop your body awareness so that you can work to get the same results of our sessions on your own.

There may be some movement work done seated or standing as well. What we do together also depends on if you have certain things you would like to work on (e.g. certain movements, activities, etc.)

How Many Sessions are Needed?

You can come for as few or as many sessions as you would like.

A number of sessions will likely be needed to bring you body to the next level of performance and integration or to bring your body awareness and control to the level that you can take care of your own body. How many are needed just depends on where your body is now and where you want it to be.

Sessions are generally spaced a week apart but can be spaced further apart. It just depends on how fast you want to improve as well as how much you are working on your own to learn and improve yourself.

What to Wear

Movement should be unrestricted whatever you choose.

Athletic clothing is best because it makes visual and hands-on assessments and work easier. Running or yoga clothes are common choices. Anything that allows your body to move freely will work fine though.


Sessions are $130 now $65 per session (60 minutes)

Payment Options

Cash and check are the preferred forms of payment, but I now accept credit and debit cards.


My work is not covered by insurance. However, flexible spending or health saving accounts will usually cover it, and do not require a referral. I can provide you with a receipt, but I do not bill or accept insurance.

Cancellation Policy

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for cancellations. A fee of $50 is charged for any sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice or for “no show” appointments.

Office Location

8921 Three Chopt Road
Suite 203B
Richmond, VA 23229

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