Rolfing Testimonials

For years I suffered from upper back, neck, and shoulder stiffness and pain. I used Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic Therapy, and Massage Therapy to provide relief, but for me the effects were short-lived.

I learned of Rolfing via Nia, a fusion fitness practice. After researching, I found and selected Adam because of his training and expertise. I have not been disappointed! After three sessions I sensed movement in muscles and tendons that had been stiff for years. Now after ten sessions I have a freedom of movement that was not accomplished by other therapies.

Also, with greatly reduced pain and stiffness I am able to sleep better and I have reduced OTC meds to occasional use. Rolfing has enabled me to return to normal activities with comfort I have not had in many years.

I found Adam to be highly skilled at Rolfing. He demonstrated respect and attention to details and never hurried through a session – always taking additional time if he sensed the need. I am now exercising more and living with a lot less pain!

Thanks, Adam, for your skill and determination to help those of us who suffer from pain and tightness that absolutely responds to the deep tissue stretching that only Rolfing can deliver.
G.R.W., 65-year-old female

I have had three rolfing sessions with Adam. The first thing that struck me was his gentle demeanor – he is not intimidating at all, which lends to a comfortable session. I have used another rolfer who used a technique which was extremely painful – Adam uses a technique which does not cause intense pain; in fact, I felt incredibly relaxed during my session, and, afterwards, my back pain was gone. I highly recommend Adam!

I was having strange calf issues and plantar fasciitis that had been pestering me for months. My doctor recommended I do some stretches and wear the same clog-like shoes he had, since he also deals with plantar fasciitis. His direction tried to help me cope, but he didn’t attempt to solve my problems. I decided to give Adam a try when I realized I couldn’t join my friends in weekend bike rides anymore. My only mistake was waiting so long.

I didn’t know what to expect from Rolfing, but every session has been a wonderful experience. Adam’s professional manner helped me to relax and enjoy the process. He has a very relaxed manner that makes me feel like the most important patient he has. He even takes time to explain to me the way my body works, which has helped me at least as much as his hands-on therapy.

After the first session, I could feel a significant difference in my body. I felt much more relaxed and, though my muscles received a lot of attention and were a little sore, they felt great the next day.

Since then, my symptoms have become merely an afterthought, and I’m enjoying life in a way that I haven’t in over a year. Besides that, Adam has taught me to look for shoes that have strengthened my feet and have helped improve my condition further.

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Adam’s services to anyone. I feel confident that he can help most people in ways that most doctors and chiropractors can’t.

C.M., 36-year-old male

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